About... Me

Hi again… Jan here.

 Thinking about what to write, about me, that is recognizable to me, when I need to be recognized… by me. Let me start with listing some personal characteristics.

Obviously I have to start with revealing my nationality… 

Dutch! I am Dutch… Meaning, from the Netherlands. NOT FROM GERMANY! NEIN! If I was from Germany, I would have typed “I am German” AND I DIDN’T, did I? DUTCH!

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I love the Netherlands… really, I do…

But I am so glad I don’t live there. So many people on such a small piece of land… I did keep my Dutch citizenship though, just in case I need their social structures, when living my life here in South Africa becomes impossible. Time will tell… 

And although insignificant in size, the country is massive in achievements!

Watch the video below and you will understand why even we as “Dutch” are impressed… and confused.

The Netherlands

This year, 2024, I have reached the incredible young age of 47, for the tenth year in a row. My inner age just passed 18 and, if I say so myself, that one is rather mature for his age. And very, very stubborn!

Early 2001 I came to live in South Africa. That is already 23 years ago, and I am still in love with South Africa. Yeah… 

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South Africa has its challenges and  brought many broken promises, but I would not like to trade it in for anything else in the world. South Africans are so pleasantly good of heart! Thank you all for making an effort in building a better South Africa. Thank you, South Africa.

I am taller than most people I meet, measuring a full 200 cm from top to toe. Not that I can impress anyone with my length, being wheelchair bound and such… That really had a negative impact on my aspirations of becoming a stand-up comedian. 

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But when I do stand up, I STAND PROUDLY… towering over most of you! Including my caregivers, who average around 1.65 meter… Funny… so short, yet so strong! Love them to bits.

I weigh just under 85 kgs. Definitely a lot less than most South Africans my age. At birth my mom looked at me and already knew I would not become a professional rugby player. Measuring 57 cm, long and slender, like a matchstick. My mom used Velcro to keep me on my blanket on windy days. Growing up I would jokingly say to my friends that I might drop by later… pending the wind…

Yeah, some called me thin… I preferred slim. These have been my proportions most of my life. Except early 2021 when I lost around 25 kgs due to two prolonged stays in the hospital. But that is for another tab.

I stopped my professional career mid 2010 due to severe progression of my chronic condition. I got medically boarded (work-disability) after just 17 years of working. I worked in several diverse, interesting, and exciting industries, starting as a production planner for a Japanese manufacturing company and ended directing a Governance and IT Services consulting arm for a South African IT firm. 

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I had the privilege of working in about three quarters of the world and met absolutely the most amazing people, tasted fascinating local food, and lost against Desmond Tutu on the walk/run/sprint to customs in Atlanta, USA. He cheated… God have his soul… but honestly… he cheated!

I also had the privilege of being married for almost 25 years with the most supportive and strong woman I know. She helped me grow my career, helped me to understand my chronic condition, travelled to and managed many new international homes and took care of raising and the schooling of our two most beautiful kids. Our paths split into different directions and continents, but thank you for being part of my life.

My love for English humor helped me to always find something to laugh about. Even in situations where crying would be justified. Thank you to the Monty Python team and Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder, for many hours of inspiration.

Monty Python’s Best Ever Sketch… Ever!


I know you know…

Just do it here.

Feel free to share…

Thank you!

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