Music was my first love

"To live without my music, would be impossible to do. In this world of troubles, my music pulls me through."

British musician and composer John Miles (RIP) composed this song back in 1976.

I was just 9 years young but that song, its composition, the lyrics and the love that flows from it, had a massive impact on me. 

Some of these musical connections with my memory, are shared with you below…

Discover my love for music. From before I was born until now.

Genres from Dance to Jazz, from European to African folk. 

Please read “the story before it” and enjoy the music with my thoughts in you.

Movies & Soundtracks

Back in the 70’s and 80′ s my brother was the only one of my siblings who owned a 3-in-1 stereo deck, similar to the one in the picture, and he had an interesting collection of 30 & 60 minute BASF cassettes with (hard)rock, disco, top40 and folk music. One of those tapes had a song called, Whole Lotta Love, played by Led Zeppelin.

And as my room was next to his, my prayer before bed was that he would play that tape… and for world peace of course. Sometimes He would listened…

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

BUT I was most impressed and intrigued with his collection of LP’s (Long Play, on vinyl). He had the most amazing collection of soundtrack LP’s and played them loud enough for me to be alarmed by the helicopter on Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall… it took me less than a second to get outside, slamming all doors, ignoring an angry parent (mom?), just trying to spot that heli…

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Helicopter extended version)

Thank you brother, I love you…

Can’t beat enjoying music while placing it in the right context. And there is so much more to the whole album, than just the “Another Brick In The Wall” song. 

The Album.




The single, as well as the album The Wall, were banned in South Africa in 1980 after it was adopted by supporters of a nationwide school boycott, protesting instituted racial inequities in education under apartheid.

“Roger Waters concept album is brought to life as a heartbreaking psychologically jarring psychedelic and visceral experience…”, somebody wise once said. 

Not for the feint of heart… I love this movie, the music and my brother!

Pink Floyd – The Wall “Full Movie” 1982

In 1938, Orson Welles and a group of actors interrupted a radio broadcast to warn the public that the planet had been invaded by aliens – really, they were just reading a script based off the novel, The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells.

The Album.




This ’38 fake news story spiraled the entire US into mass hysteria… from which they never returned.

Jeff Wayne used it as an inspiration for his musical master piece. You can watch an independent animated movie with the music, below. 


Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds –  complete Animation (short 20 second pause after 7 minutes)

Yep… I admit… I was sooo impressed with Claudia Cardinale’s performance…

But foremost I loved the music. Below you can listen to the best song of the movie and some teasers.

Once Upon A Time In The West – Best Sound And Claudia 


The Soundtrack.



The Original Soundtrack is composed by Ennio Morricone, with the 1968 western film directed by Sergio Leone. 

DON’T PLAY THE FOLLOWING CLIP IF YOU STILL WANT TO SEE THE FULL MOVIE… this clip shows the final duel and it is soooo good!

Once Upon A Time In The West – Final Duel

I don’ have the full movie for you, but the clips listed should be  more than enough for you to get a good feeling for the movie and to get it! Enjoy!

The Best Clips.




This fictional story of Jake and Elwood, growing up in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Rock Island, Illinois and learning the blues from a janitor named Curtis, is a classic with magnificent blues and rock. 

Unfortunately not the full movie, but a playlist with the 10 most memorable movie clips with the original soundtrack.

Still, very enjoyable with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and so many more…

The following clip always makes me move and smile from happiness.

Blues Brothers – Everybody Needs Somebody

The Best Of…




An award winning movie about two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their unlikely musical hero, the mysterious 1970’s rock n roller, Sixto Rodriguez. 

When my ex and I heard the title song of the movie, we were determined  to get a hold of the DVD. We watched it over and over again. What an incredible story…

In the following years we enjoyed seeing Sixto perform twice in Johannesburg. 

And if you didn’t see the movie yet, or don’t know who Sixto is, I would invite you to watch the move below.

Searching for Sugarman, the movie

Bluegrass music is at the heart of this remarkable movie, with songs and images of chain gangs, sharecropper cottages, cotton fields, populist politicians, river baptisms, hobos on freight trains, patent medicines, 25-watt radio stations and Klan rallies. The music is based on authentic recordings from around that time. Just love listening to it.

The Soundtrack.



Have a listen to its soundtrack and watch a beautiful video with a compilation of some of the remarkable clips of the movie. 

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Clips

Best Clips.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

O MAN! I love this movie so much! Must have seen it a trillion times! Released late 1986, and watched it for the first time somewhere in 1988 on a rental VHS video system. 

Yello was an Austrian two- man’s band, making weird experimental electronic-pop music on synthesisers, with even weirder videos supporting the songs.

Their “Oh-Yeah” song gave the movie a most recognizable sound and made me as a viewer anticipate the next scene. Just have a look at how they used that sound in the ending credits.

Ferris Bueller – End Credits

I made that tune into my mobile’s notification sound.

Sentimental me…

Yello – Oh Yeah

Come & Dance

I always loved music… and to dance on the beat. When I was 13 or 14 my youngest sister taught me to dance on the disco beat of The Bee Gees, John Travolta and how to move on Reggae tunes… lined up in long lines of predominantly young girls, she showed me the moves to make, the hand positioning (yeah… in case you have to hold your bag) and the swaying of my feet and hips… Man, that was a fun time, every Wednesday(?) during lunch break and/or in the afternoons @ the youth club De Trefpunt in Meppel! 

I remember two songs my sis taught me to dance on. Enjoy!

June Lodge & Prince Mohammed – Someone Loves You Honey

BeeGees – Stayin Alive

Thanks sis… you brought dance into my life!

And to my other sister… I really, REALLY am so sorry for messing up some of your tapes by recording my voice right over your favourites. I admit… I wanted to listen to your music… BUT YOU DIDNT LET MEEEEHEEEE! I WAS NOT EVEN TEHEN.. 

Love you to bits though…

The Playlist.




This is my “whatever…” playlist, with my favourite dance videos, all with a perfect rhythm, brilliant mix and lead by a heavy bass! Most come from a Brazilian artist Bruno Felipe, aka Trampsta.

Great for those times that require frustration to be sweated out, or just when I want to admire the dance skills displayed in the videos. 

Anyways, I am happy I don’t have any neighbours living too close to me… and luckily I still can dance in my sturdy wheelchair!

And if you wonder from what movies the clips in the video Tampstra Chunky came from and what year they were filmed, please activate the subtitles in the following video and thou shalt see…

Trampsta – Chunky

But my favourite clip of all, is where they all take their broom… Enjoy their moves!

Trampsta – Work

This Playlist. 




Prefer a bit less bass? Let’s try this list. A very much enjoyable list, full of a mix of electro, hiphop, funk, R&B and other genres. Each song is accompanied by a great video and, very often, stunningly choreographed dance…

One of them deserves my special attention. The way the dancers are so in synch with the rhythm and the beat, fascinates me. Magic!

Jungle – Casio

The Playlist.




HipHop and club dance based on smooth Jazz licks, with Ronny Jordan, Louise Vega, Monique Bingham, Jazzione and many others…

For over 28 years I had the pleasure of having a very close friend. We shared many different interests, joys and memorable happenings together. From Judo as small boys, karate as a bit bigger boys, to partying till late mornings, eating sober-up shoarmas with milk, my first joints while tripping on Jean-Michel Jarre, recording music and visiting many jazz & dance concerts… we knew very well how to be playfully irresponsible. And the Havelterberg sign is an innocent witness of such. Marvellous times! 

Jazz Dance is one of those genres I got introduced to while enjoying one of the festivals in the city of Den Bosch, in the south of The Netherlands, The Heineken Crossover Award. And during the intermissions, while enjoying a Heineken and some snacks in the breakroom, they played a CD with a mix of different jazz-dance songs. One of them was The Jackal by Ronny Jordan… I got hooked!

Ronny Jordan – The Jackal

A Zulu or Xhosa word loosely translated to “the pianos”, is a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa (not Nigeria… but SOUTH AFRICA!) in the mid-2010s. It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz, and lounge music characterised by synths and wide percussive basslines. During the Covid period Amapiano grew into an internationally recognised new genre of music. Well done South Africa!

Amapiano is also very popular on TikTok. A challange to be the best Amapiano dancer… 

Magic challenge… I dare you… 

Amapiano Challange 2024

When my family and I came to live in South Africa in 2000, we heard a song on the radio called “Nkalakatha”, (TopDog) by Mendoza.

Amapiano for me, is that song on steroids! Have a listen…

Mandoza – Nkalakatha

And below the best Amapiano playlists of 2021 to 2023…

Best of… 2021….
… 2022 …
… and 2023.


The Playlist.




South Africa’s Dance Music scene is very broad and rich in talent. Even the lesser known artists find a way to publish their art of sound, through social media and YouTube.

Below are a few SA artists and songs that really got stuck on me lately. 

Starting with Monique Bingham… her voice is as mesmerizing as her beauty..

Louie Vega Starring Monique Bingham “Elevator (Going Up)”


Senior Oat – All In You (feat. Kemy Chienda)

Bhatara/Yim ‘Ophethe


Jain is not really a South African artist but French artist, with a love for Africa… and good music!

Jain – Makeba

Jain – Come

Top40 & Mixus

communication, error, no connection-2138980.jpgWhen I grew up there were no smart phones, portable music players, mp3 recording or mixing software… heck… NO PERSONAL COMPUTERS! The IBM PC debuted on August 12, 1981, when I was just 14 years old… It took me another 5 years before I got an affordable PC for myself to support me during my studies.

Slowly new software was released allowing you to fool around with a music track to record and mix in different tunes, sounds and rhythms. Loved it! 

down, couch, alone-1838133.jpgIn the 70’s I had to quietly… no, secretly, turn on the family radio-set in the living room to listen to some radio entertainment. Early Sunday morning’s I would lay behind the couch in my PJs, almost with my ear on top of the speaker, making sure not to wake up my dad… and listen to the voice of Ko de Boswachter (Ko the Forester), wishing me a good morning. 

His phrase for being utterly surprised, upset or flabbergasted, was ‘Alle konijnen keutels, nog aan toe!’ (loosely translated into All rabbit droppings, for God’s sake!, meaning… What the F?). I loved his youthful rebelliousness, his rather naughty approach to entertainment and his use of his voice, mimicking his co-presenters… and all that at 06:00 on a Sunday morning…

For my fellow Dutchies, please enjoy an old recording of several episodes of Ko and his friends from 1977.

Ko de Boswachter – 1977

Radio programming in these days, 1970-80, was maybe two hours of pop -music a day… or you had to tune in to the pirate-offshore radio station, called Radio Veronica, broadcasting from a ship on the North Sea till 1974. A radio station for the teener audience.

Anyways, in the early 80’s I remember sitting with cramped fingers floating above the recording -button of my first radio -cassette player, ready to press RECORD and PLAY simultaneously, when my favourite song started to be broadcasted. And somehow my mom knew exactly when that would happen… “Jahan… where are you? Please come and help me…”.

One of my favourite music producers from the 80’s, was Ben Liebrand. Veronica got their radio license and the world could legally enjoy Ben’s music mixing skills. My friend and I would excitingly await his new mix. One of these mixes I still remember… Phil Collins.

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (mix Ben Liebrand)

The Playlist.




Some of these songs, recordings and videos, were created prior my conception… But I really think that the art of making music prior and during the following 3 decennia, required a different talent than the current computer manipulated produce. Yeah, it still is very much enjoyable… but from a different level nonetheless.

And I still like them! From 10cc to the Talking Heads, and Kate Bush up to the Fine Young Cannibals and The Police… 

And I was there when two rap songs from the 70’s, The Message from The Sugar Hill Gang and Rapper’s Delight from Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five changed everything and brought Rap and HipHop to a broader audience! I knew every line of each song by heart…

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – The Message

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
I’m trying not to lose my head
It’s like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under”

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight

Love your bass play-a-long, Iulia Antasiuc

1996 brought a song from TLC and that song joined me in my career move to the Giant bicycles. My waterfall turned out to be a solid lesson in personal and professional integrity. What a ladies TLC were… somebody made lots of money on “T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli”.

TLC – Waterfalls

A bit different Playlist.



A bit different than the Pre-list, but still very enjoyable.

Ok… I admit… I am sooo stuck in the pre… sue me.

The next video and song are so catchy and funny! Absolutely brilliant! He (Daði Freyr from Iceland) represented Iceland in the 2023 Eurovision Songfestival and I like his creativity. He wears his 2.08 metres of length very proudly.

In the meantime enjoy this ever growing list.

Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið – Think About Things

Between 1983 and 1992  Radio Veronca dj’s Jeroen van Inkle and Bart van Leeuwen reserved a full hour of broadcasting just for Ben Liebrand’s Grand Mix of that year… we all taped it on a TDK or Maxell cassette… Loved it!

Please, enjoy the edition of 1988.

And of the year 1989.

From 1996 onwards I spent most of my time outside of the Dutch borders, leaving the Netherlands behind in 1999. And wherever I landed in the world, whatever local bar or dance hall I visited, or contingent I resided in, they almost all knew the Ministry of Sound.

Ministry of Sound – 90s Anthems

I love their smooth mixes and feel of rhythm.. Dance in Trance… on Rave… Go Clubbing… Go Wild! 

Ministry of Sound – 90s Trance

The Ministry of Sound club opened in South East London in the early Nineties and ever since, has been the at the epicentre of electronic dance music. 

And the following playlist contains many of the songs used for the mixes. 

The following Playlist.



I think my parents had about 4 LPs in total back in the 70s… and if I am not mistaken they all were from James Last… but… did we even had a LP player prior 1980? Siblings? Anyone? My brother had one…

Anyway James (or Hansi) was a German composer and big band leader of the James Last Orchestra and was more than popular in the Netherlands. He produced over 60 albums and sold about 200 million of them worldwide, filled with lots of happy music… and we had 4 of them. WOW! 

James Last Playlist.

Somehow his tunes sound so familiar… I must honestly say that I rather came to like his genre. I got accustomed to Hansi while making this site… Wirklich, Hansi ist gar nicht so schlecht…

Any-more-ways, I remember Hansi as the Sunday morning family music, just after church… and if I am not mistaken, we definitely had one of the following two albums… we must have had a player… SIBLINGS… HEEEELP!

The first one is titled “onder moeders paraplu”, translates to under moms umbrella, an album full of instrumental Dutch children songs.

James Last – Onder Moeders Paraplu

I have my doubts… a weird guy with a goatee, holding hands with two vulnerable children, who clearly feel their space being invaded… MENTAL! still… so familiar…

The second one is titled “op klompen”, translates to on clogs, an album full of instrumental Dutch dijen kletsers (old Dutch folk songs).

So familiar… or…

James Last – Op Klompen

I do remember the following song from 1977. I was 10 years young and pretended to play the pamflut for many, many years after hearing it.

Georghe Zamfir & James Last mit Orchester – Einsamer Hirte 1977

Any-triple-way, thank you mom and dad for the introduction to instrumental music. Now I have to go next door… to my brother’s room… he is not home… I know… But do you both know he has another German band I am interested in? AND he definitely has an lp-player… yeah… I know I  am not allowed to touch it… I know… MOHOM!

Summer 1974, holiday, with the whole family in the car driving to Sweden. 6 persons… luckily we had a SAAB95 station wagon, with double-reversed backseats… HOW COOL IS THAT?!

SAAB 95 Advert.



I was around 7 years old and this was one of the many holidays going to Sweden. What a cool car… my sister and I were sitting at the reversed backseat, watching  traffic approaching, making funny faces to strangers and getting our faces squashed against the back window while boarding the ferry from Denmark to Sweden… Hahaha, that was fun! And I entertained everybody with my Andre van Duin impressions and sketches. Even when they didn’t ask for it…

My dad believed in a sober drive style to anywhere, so for entertainment my brother or oldest sister had to bring their own radio-cassette player. And my brother had Kraftwerk… ON TAPE!!!

Kraftwerk – Autobahn, The Album.

I remember my dad loosing his patience when Mitternacht started to play… That really freaked him out… Noch schlimmer… Morgenspaziergang! Wirklich HAMMER!

Kraftwerk – Morgenspaziergang

Every time I play Kraftwerk, I am reminded of the drive through northern Germany, (sometimes) Denmark and Sverige, pretending my dad would break every moral speed limit ever thought off… like… he would… like… NEVER!

I loved listening to autobahn, while being with the family on an adventure through Sweden… Love you all! Miss you all!

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene – the album.


 I had my first alien encounter while listening to this LP… I remember it as if it just happened yesterday. It was at my friend’s place, summer 1984, and together with another old friend, we planned a whole evening of indulging in JMJ’s Oxygene, while enjoying several cheap red wines and a combination of organically grown Marok and Afghan hashish. 

I swear… I think we just turned the LP to side B, when… really… when I leaned a bit over to my right…  I… SAW AN ALIEN SITTING NEXT TO ME! LOOKING AT ME WITH PROBING EYES… AND… POINTING TO MY FOREHEAD AS IF IT WAS “ET” HIMSELF! DUDE… FOR REAL… 

Luckily we had enough organic smoke and cheap wine left for me to get back into the order of the evening pretty quickly… the others didn’t believe me. They just looked at me with those glassy eyes… as if they had seen a ghost… DUUUDES… I JUST SAW A BLOODY ALIEN!

Not much later they acknowledged the alien and the three of us continued flying on the wings of the mothership, bombing the crap out of the neighbourhood… If I recall that correctly, the alien appeared during Part 6 of the Oxygene trilogy.

Man…. dude! DUUUUDES! I need some oxygen.

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene, Pt. 6

Best of...

There is always that song that when you hear it, you are immediately transported back to the time and place associated to that memory. And who cares if you are off a few years or a continent or two, it is your memory… in this case, MY memory! And I can do with them as I please. So you can go and do whatever the bunnies do best… eat green stuff! And when you are finished eating your veggies, go fuck yourself.

Anyways, some of those songs and memories already passed in previous posts, but what follows is a list with Best Of artists who performed such a memory for me and at that moment became associated to it for life.

One such memory includes my daughter and André Rieu. My daughter and I visited a concert of André Rieu in Johannesburg, back in 2012. My daughter was specially dressed for the occasion in a dress like the ones the ladies of the orchestra wear, just more elegant! Ok, the Dome in Johannesburg is not the best place to hear a maestro and his orchestra as good as André’s, but I cherished our time and enjoyed our togetherness. Love you!

Please sit down, relax and get ready for 3 hours of André Rieu, performing Live in Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016. 

This is a documentary/movie called “Falling in Love With Maastricht”.

Andre Rieu – Falling in Love With Maastricht.

… now with Kimmy Skota… live in South Africa… 

Sleep well.

Andre Rieu – Kimmy Skote – Tula

… and below she is Live in Wembley Arena, London, 2013. 

Kimmy Skota performing My African Dream as a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

O… how it hurts to see that dream come close to a nightmare… 

Andre Rieu – Kimmy Skote – Tribute to Mandela

An English rock band that got introduced to me through my brother and oldest sister.  They recorded and played their favourite songs before I had my own radio-cassette player. One of those songs quickly became my favourite and occupied my head while walking the 800 meters to school. Yep, it is called School… and Dreamer… if School was not playing…

Roger not only gave us School, but also other timeless classics such as Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America, Dreamer, The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home and many more. 

Here is School, a word the English loaned from the Dutch back in the 17th century, but never gave back. Before that they had no clue what to do with those youngsters hanging around on the town square, up to no good. There are so many words the English “borrowed” from the Dutch. Nothing to do with music… I know… but just to educate you all, I linked the Wikipedia site with a list of English words of Dutch origin HERE. And WIKI doesn’t lie!

Now it is time for School.

And please find all their greatest songs in this playlist.

This playlist.

The Police became globally popular in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. They played a style of rock influenced by punk, reggae, and jazz. The Police disbanded in 1986, with Sting going solo… still going strng!

I immediately loved them, their songs and the danceability of their songs. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the meaning of the lyrics and poems… it might have saved me some peculiar situations while singing Be My Girl – Sally… I really didn’t understand the concept of blow-up dolls back then… I mean… no internet…  just 11 years old…

Enjoy this playlist with all their albums and songs in it.

A band formed early 60′ s and still together. During their play-time they recoded Country, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’roll,Funk, Disco, and even Jazz beats…all mixed into something that lasts a lifetime.

I love their early songs the best. Those that so clearly have the blues in them. The blues brought them together, as  the story goes…

“The Stones’ defining musical love is the blues, a form they helped bring to the masses in the 60s. Jagger said that the first album he ever bought was Muddy Waters At Newport. “That’s how Mick and Keith first got close as well, on the train coming back from college,” recalled guitarist Ronnie Wood. “They noticed each other’s record collection and it was, ‘Hey, you’ve got Muddy Waters. You must be a good guy, let’s form a band.’””

Thanks Muddy…

My all time favourite is You Can’t Always Get What You Want,  from 1969. The lyrics of the chorus are so applicable for most people. .

This playlist has almost all songs from the Stones (400+), starting from the early beginnings.

This Playlist.


I’ll be honest here, I didn’t know much about van Morrison, other than that during his time in the Northern Irish rock band Them, he sounded like Mick Jagger. 

Just listen to their recordings of Gloria, Baby, please don’t go and Start me up… am I that far off? 

Anyway, I love his raw voice and despite a late start, I really appreciate him as Van Morrison.

The Playlist. 

…full with the best of.

UB40 is an English reggae and pop band, formed in December 1978. 

Named after a British Unemployment benefit form #40, UB40, pop-reggae band UB40 were formed in a welfare line in 1978, and their multiracial lineup reflected the working-class community their members came from.

Many of UB40’s lyrics address political and social issues, such as poverty, inequality, and war. And trying to find a job during Thatcher’s ruling, was not easy. Many work opportunities disappeared, demonstrations and fighting the authorities were a daily occurrence and the Iron Lady was not really loved by the working class. 

UB40’s song Madam Medusa reflects their feeling about the then reigning UK’s premier Thatcher quite enjoyably. 

And when the US warlords of the 80’s demanded to have nuclear cruise missiles placed in every allied NATO country, UB40 made one of their finest protest song ever. The Earth Dies Screaming. 

Yeah, I do love my reggae. Especially the use of dubbing.  As per Wiki: 

“Dub is an electronic musical style that grew out of reggae in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is commonly considered a subgenre of reggae, though it has developed to extend beyond that style. Generally, dub consists of remixes of existing recordings created by significantly manipulating the original, usually through the removal of vocal parts, emphasis of the rhythm section (the stripped-down drum-and-bass track is sometimes referred to as a riddim), the application of studio effects such as echo and reverb, and the occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets from the original version or other works. Many times a reggae deejay adds some vocals over a rhythm or a beat… called Toasting.”

I made a playlist with UB40’s best songs. Predominantly toasted dubs, with lots of riddim.

The UB40’s Toasted Dub List, with lots of Riddim.



More To Come...

Your broad love for music brings with many memories and even more artists to appreciate and you can’t do a proper write-up on them all in one day.

So, below is your list of artists to be completed in due time. 

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Best off Fleetwood Mac

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The dark side of the moon

For me Nina is one of the greatest musicians ever! Within an extremely difficult, tense and racially segregated environment, she created pure musical and vocal art.  Enjoy…  

Live @ Montreux 1976.

By the time she got to Switzerland in 1976, she was broke and just moved to Liberia, worn out by an abusive marriage, the loss of many great friends and the toll of the civil rights fight on her career.

Her career and finances fell apart. To make money, she tried her luck in Switzerland. The Montreux show was, at its core, a business decision. Her pain and confused interaction with the audience, is felt, heard and seen in every song. Makes me cry… especially when she starts to play her piano.

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Nigerian-born British singer is known for her sophisticated blend of soul, funk, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

She enjoyed wide critical acclaim and popularity in the 1980s and early ’90s and I danced my socks off on her.

Special feelings for her song BabyFarther… 

Paolo Conte is an Italian singer, pianist, songwriter and lawyer, known for his distinctly grainy, resonant voice.

His compositions fuse Italian and Mediterranean sounds with jazz, boogie and elements of the French chanson and Latin-American rhythms.

One of my favourites.

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Same as before…

Just leave your message here.

Feel free to share…

Thank you!

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