Well, I always wanted to build one and I gained some web- building skills while helping a local SME company with building theirs.

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Back in 2021, while being admitted to the hospital in a critical situation twice in less than 4 months, I felt the need to document my story rather sooner than later.  

Especially the Covid hospitalisation made me aware of my temporary earthly existence. That was an extremely confusing episode, where my mind constantly played tricks on me and I questioned my sanity while trying to remember who all those people were, trying to clean and feed me.

That was followed by a long and difficult recovery period. I am getting stronger and stronger by the day… but I had to  give up on my sanity and accept my losses… sorry… Our losses. 

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I had an urge to create some sort of testimonial of my life… to have a reference about me… for me. Something to fall back on when my resilience, courage, faith and my love for life are being tested again. To relive memorable moments with and for my family… who all live far, far away, in a land they call ‘home’. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself that my life has been amazing and still evolves beautifully, filled with new experiences, memories and surprises. Definitely worth to live for. 

Yep, my story is worth to be remembered… especially by (the ever getting greyer) me.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller, not really relevant.

It was time to start my site…

I got myself fully re-stocked on gin, 0% beer, Doritos, chicken breasts, gin, beef, lamb, Tika Masala & Khorma cook-in sauces, full fat humus, pitted olives, gin, haloumi with herbs, pizza, naan, pakchoi, black garlic, peppers, gin (for emergency), cinnamon sticks, raw honey, exotic mushrooms, spring onions, roti, and pita bread. I was SO READY… 

SHIT! Forgot the wine! How stupid and careless of me. Why even bother trying? Why set myself up for failure? Do I really hate myself that much? WELL, DO YOU?

I just lost two hours of valuable productive build-time, but wine levels are A-o-K now…

Yeah, I know… convenient, right?

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Thank you!

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